Noise reduction is a technology that reduces the noise generated by the projector. This noise includes the fan noise while it is processing or cooling, as well as the sound emitted by the projector to show the image. The noise reduction feature in the projector has been developed to use the machine in libraries, classrooms, churches and hospitals. Noise reduction technology also helps in cooling down the projector faster.

Types of Projector Noises

1. Image Noise 

Image noise is a type of noise created by the projector when processing the image and displaying it on the screen. This noise can be minimized with various types of image filters present. One of them is called “RGB Noise Filter”, which basically reduces noise by filtering it out from the RGB signal.

2. Thermal Noise 

Thermal noise is generated due to the overheating of the projector. It can be minimized by providing proper cooling sources to the projector. These cooling needs can be fulfilled by the use of fans, air-conditioning and other such methods.

3. Fan Noise

Fan noise is a type of audio that comes from the cooling fan mounted in a projector. This noise can be reduced with an anti-noise technology called “switched reluctance” which will reduce the noise considerably. 

Why Do Projectors Make A Lot Of Noise? 

Projectors are a source of multiple noises that come from their fans, heat generated or while processing the image. This noise is harmful to the environment because it disturbs the people around it and causes pollution. There are different types of projectors, each of which makes a different type of noise and thus, needs specialized noise reduction technologies.

Noise Reduction Technologies 

1. Fan Noise Reduction Technology 

Fan noise reduction technology works in two ways: 

a. It minimizes the noise emitted by the projector while it processes an image and while cooling down.

b. It reduces the thermal noise generated by over-processing images or overheating of the machine, as well as the fan noise due to long-term use. There are various methods for this type of reduction, which include: 

i) Liquid injection cooling technology.
ii) Switched reluctance technology.

2. Image Noise Suppression Technology 

This kind of technology is usually present in the image filters installed in the projector. The filters use various methods for removing the noise from the image. These methods include encoding, compressing and filtering signals to remove any unwanted particles present in them. 


There are two basic modes of noise reduction on a projector: constant noise reduction and adaptive noise reduction. 

1. Constant Noise Reduction

In this type of noise reduction, the amount of noise generated by the projector is set at a fixed level. This level may cause trouble to viewers who are sensitive to high levels of noise. However, constant noise reduction might be helpful for those who want to control ambient sounds; this might be useful if other noises can mask the sound generated by the projector.

2. Adaptive Noise Reduction

This type of noise reduction looks at the process of projection. If the projector is in a quiet environment, the noise reduction can be set to minimize the effects of noise. If there are people around, it can be put on higher levels to reduce it accordingly. This type is also known as automatic noise reduction or auto-injection scenario.

Tips For Removing Noise Reduction 

1. Switch off the noise reduction in case of short-term use.

2. If you are not using noise reduction, it is best to use the “auto” setting. This will reduce energy wastage and electricity costs.

3. Completely turn off your projector when not in use for a long time, instead of leaving it to work in standby mode. 

4. Use noise reduction software on your projector. Using this type of software can reduce the amount of sound generated by your projector.

5. Use speakers near the projector. The speakers will absorb the sound waves that pass through the walls, which will help in reducing noise from the contraption. 

6. Use a projector with smaller fans, so that they will produce less noise. 

7. The best advice is to buy a projector with anti-noise technology, as this type of technology reduces the amount of sound generated by your projector significantly while maintaining high-quality images.

8. Buy an adaptor or inverter that can switch off automatically after some time, instead of using a timer for switching it off manually after every session of use.

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Projectors are an integral part of education and are currently being used in various other aspects of our lives, including home, business and entertainment. We get to learn various information through the use of these projectors. However, these mechanical devices tend to produce lots of noise while processing images or being overheated.

The noise produced by projectors can be reduced through the use of various technologies. These technologies offer considerable benefits to the users, expanding the machine’s use in places like libraries, universities and other places.

Hope this article was informational and provided you with guidance on noise reduction on a projector.