Is A Projector Good For Gaming? 

You might be wondering if a projector is good for gaming? The answer is a definite yes. Projectors offer an immersive way to play video games. Although you may not get the same effect as you would on a TV screen, it’s still worth playing. 

The use of a projector for gaming is nothing new. In fact, in the early 1990s, people were using projectors to watch movies at home. Since then, projectors have evolved and become an essential commodity for gamers as well. Graphics have also gone through extensive changes. 

The gaming experience also changes with the use of a projector as well. Instead of a small screen, your gaming experience will be on a larger screen. You will have better details and resolution. Also, a projector can provide a more uniform viewing experience. 

Types of Gaming Projectors

Tube vs. Dlp Projector

Two main types of projectors exist for gaming. These are classified by the type of technology they use in image projection. The first type is called a “tube projector.” However, this type is not typically used. The second type employs digital light processing (DLP) technology. DLP projectors tend to be popular for gaming and also renders better image quality than tube projectors. 

Benefits of Tube Projectors

1. Inexpensive

Tube projectors are reasonably priced than DLP ones. These machines are also simpler to install and operate. 

2. Small 

Because tube projectors are quite small, they can be easily transported to another place for playing games. Also, their small size makes them suitable for hand carry. It is also easier to store in any convenient and safe place, away from kids and pets. 

3. High Contrast Ratio

Tube projectors have elongation crystals in their optical path to generate a bright and sharp picture. This ensures an excellent contrast ratio and high-quality image rendering. 

4. Better Picture Quality

Since tube projectors have larger screens and better image quality, it’s an ideal option compared to DLP projectors. Also, it is affordable, offers faster response time and includes a better contrast ratio. 

5. Easy Maintenance

Tube projectors are easy to maintain. The only procedures required are cleaning the screen monthly and replacing the ribbons.

Projectors as Gaming Monitors

When it comes to games and movies, there are many facts about using a projector as a monitor. The projector will become a large screen with better image quality.


1. Better Resolution 

When you use a projector as a monitor, it comes with higher resolution and provides an enlarged view of the game with similar effects and performance. 

2. Play While Moving Around 

Since a projector works with a larger screen, gamers can move around more conveniently while playing. Also, the projected screen is larger, so viewers can get a better experience. 

3. Fun And Excitement

It’s quite fun and exciting to play games on a large screen. A projector can provide an enjoyable gaming experience for you, along with your friends and family members.

4. Energy-Efficient

Gaming projectors are energy efficient and consume low electricity, less than a 100 watt light bulb. This keeps heating issues at bay and provides better comfort for the user. 

5. Features Adjustment

Gaming projectors are designed to be used in the comfort of your own home. They allow you to adjust the height, screen position and brightness. This gives you greater control and accuracy. 

Features of Gaming Projectors

1. Long Viewing Distance

With the help of a projector, one can enjoy playing games at a greater distance. With a projector, the distance between the screen and the user can be extended to over 50 feet. This also provides an immersive gaming experience. 

2. Convertible Screen 

While using a projector, one can use it in three different ways. One of them is by extending the screen to convert it into a large sheet. If you do not wish to extend the screen, you can also use your projector with an opaque surface like a white wall or any other suitable surface. 

3. Automatic Features

Most gaming projectors come with automatic features. These include manual focus to project a smooth and sharp image. Also, there is automatic keystone correction that helps to align the image due to installation issues. 

Other Benefits

1. A projector provides superior visual quality and clarity. This is especially true if you have a high-end projector. However, a low-budget projector can also be purchased, but it needs to be upgraded to a high-end projector for high-quality video and audio.

2. A projector gives room for adjustments such as image quality and screen size settings. You’ll be able to adjust blue light settings throughout each of your gaming sessions for premium visual experience and enjoyment. 

3. Projectors come with built-in speakers, eliminating the need for external speakers and possibly increasing the space needed for the whole setup. 

4. Unlike a regular monitor, a projector will not turn hot in quick time. This is because projectors do not use electricity as fast or as often as a traditional monitor does. This will ensure better energy efficiency and a longer life for your projector.

5. Projectors reduce a lot of eye strain as they do not possess a backlight option. If you are playing video games for long hours, a projector is the best option for you. 

6. Projectors allow you to talk with other people in the same room while gaming or watching something. 

7. You get more immersive in the game as your positioning would be different from a traditional monitor. This will make it more realistic and enjoyable.

8. The ease of implementing surround sound into your gaming setup is easier through a projector. With a projector, you will mount the speakers into convenient places to provide a resounding experience. 

9. Projectors can be used for commercial purposes. This is why they are highly preferred by the gaming community and many schools for school presentations and functions. 

10. Projectors are generally more eco-friendly than regular monitors, especially for gaming needs. This is because projectors last longer as they consume less electricity. 

Top Brands for Gaming Projectors


EIZO is a brand that provides projectors and monitors within the gaming community as well as for commercial purposes. They come with high-end features which the user enjoys. Their top sellers include the EIZO CG2420 1080p HT Gaming Cine Projector, Eizo ColorEdge CG240 24″ Class LED Backlit LCD Monitor, and Eizo Foris FG2421 24″ Full HD 1080p IPS Monitor. 

2. BenQ

BenQ is also a well-known brand. Their range is impressive, including the BenQ W1070 7” LED Gaming Projector, Benq ZOWIE XL2411P 24″ Full HD 1080p 144 Hz eSports Gaming Monitor, and the Benq S931 22-Inch 1080p Smart Projector. 

3. Sony

Sony is another well-known and trusted brand for gaming projectors. Their products come with an admirable quality that the user enjoys and accepts. They include the Sony VPL-VW365ES 4K Ultra HD Projector, Sony XBR-55X940D 55″ Class 1080p LED HDTV, and Sony BVM X3000 3LCD Full HD 1080p Professional Projector. 

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A projector is a great choice for playing games at home. The above-mentioned list of benefits of using a projector as a monitor will definitely help you choose one. We hope this article was informational and guided you in looking into the aspects of a gaming projector.