Technically, yes, it is. It’s not easy, but it’s possible to split a projector screen into two.

How to Split a Projector Screen?

1. Buy a Projector Screen Splitter

If you want to split your projector screen, but don’t know which splitter you should buy, then we recommend buying the one from AVTECH: M2-PRO-KIT. It can make two projectors connect to the screen simultaneously and it allows you to have two different sessions at the same time. The AVTECH M2 PRO-KIT is made for audio-video presentations and it can do up to 40 inputs per output. You can connect it with HDMI 1.4/2.

2. Buy Two Projectors

If you want to split a projector screen, then you will have to buy two projectors. Buy some high-quality projectors from a reliable brand. Projectors from brands like Sony, Samsung, Epson or other big and famous brands have a longer service life and they function flawlessly. If you buy two projectors of the same brand, then you will get the best results during presentations.

3. Buy Two Screens

Before buying two screens, make sure that they are compatible with a projector screen splitter. Most splitter kits come with a manual that explains how to set up the screen. You can also hire a company to professionally mount two screens for you. Installation experts can assist you with your projectors and matching screen combinations.

Benefits of Splitting Projector Screens

1. Cost-Effective

For a small office of two or three people, splitting a projector screen will provide you with a cost-effective option. Many business professionals and entrepreneurs have two projectors. They are used for presentations and recording of different meetings taking place. 

2. Multiple Sessions Per Day

Most people run a business from home or work from home. They have different businesses working at the same time, as they have meetings with different clients every day or week. A splitter allows two individuals to have separate presentations in scheduled sessions.

3. Additional Screen

If you buy a projector screen splitter, then you can also buy another screen for your home or office. Splitting a projector screen allows you to have two screens in the same room. You can place your PC monitors on one of them, while your friend can use the second one. This will help both of you to work efficiently and spend less time setting up their computers by themselves. That’s why it is important to buy a splitter that has two screens compatible with it.

What Is A Projector Screen? 

A projector screen is an image or a video that’s projected on a screen. Projector screens are commonly used in classroom presentations, movie theaters, sports activities and business events. The standard size of a projector screen is 4×6 feet, however, you can also find other sizes like 4×3 feet or 6×9 feet. Projector screens are available in different colors, materials and prices. Many people choose the white screen with black borders because it’s easy to use and install.

What Are Dual Projectors? 

Projectors are one of the most popular types of presentation tools. Dual projectors, on the other hand, are also known as 2 in 1, as they allow you to play two movies, videos or clips at the same time. This type of projector allows you to connect two screens side by side and synchronize both of them. It’s the best way to show two programs at the same time for a larger audience.

Benefits of Dual Projectors

1. Cost: A dual projector setup is more cost-effective. You can set it up for the price of just one high-end HD projector and it will provide you with a large viewing area.

2. Range: Multiple projectors mean more control over the projected image. You can adjust the focus of each projector separately and use them for different purposes.

3. Control: The ability to run two projectors from a single source is a great advantage. It means that you can easily use your computer while watching the content on your projector screen.

4. Connection Options: You can connect two projectors to a single source using an HDMI switch box. The box will enable you to split the input signal from one source and distribute it between the two projectors.

5. Space: The biggest advantage of dual projection is that you can get a high-resolution picture on a large screen even with just two home projectors. Most home theaters would use one projector and leave the other unused.

Dual Projectors Brands

Now that you know how to split a projector screen into two and set up dual projectors, you should also know which projectors work best for this purpose.

1. Epson Powerlite Home Cinema 5030UB

2. Epson Powerlite 8350

3. BenQ W1070

4. Epson Powerlite Home Cinema 8350

5. Optoma HD141X

Applications of Dual Projectors

· They are instrumental in classrooms and conference rooms when it comes to presentations and meetings.

· Two digital projectors can also be used in medical and scientific research, where a large amount of data is required. 

· Dual projection works very well in museums, planetariums, and other facilities used for displaying exhibitions. · You can also use it in a church or school auditorium to provide better viewing.

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In this article, we have shared how you can split a projector screen into two. We have also given some idea of what projectors you should look out for to convert your home theater setup into a dual projector setup. Also, we have mentioned the applications of dual projectors and why it’s useful for installing in your living room. Hope this article was informational and aided you in knowing about projectors and their use.