None in the universe is similar to an intense gaming experience over 4K gaming projectors. Video games have been developed to a great extent that they portray a realistic interface that looks more real than our actual world. So, if you are most bothered by the bezels of your TV or gaming monitors, it’s time to switch over to a more advanced alternative.

We have created a buying guide that features the top 10 gaming projectors of 2021, for an ultimate gaming experience in your home or living space.

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Optoma has proved with changing times that they are proficient in making the finest projectors. It is making rounds among the customers due to its rich functionalities. However, it features a blend of quality and power at a competitive price which makes it our number # 1 pick for this category. So, now let us take a look over its features.

Optoma OPTOMA HD142X displays immersive cinematic picture quality with perfect sharpness and 1080p HD native resolution for an optimal gaming experience. Interestingly, it delivers a 120Hz rapid refresh rate that produces smooth and flicker-free images. It also includes an RYGCWB color wheel.

Moreover, it features a DLP DMD single-chip design that delivers perfect alignment along with high lumens brightness for ultimate video quality. It features a game display mode with a lightning-fast response time. It boasts dark scenes and character shadows for better visibility of upcoming obstacles.

It is equipped with HDMI-CEC technology that shifts the overall control of the projector and the devices into a single remote. This gaming projector is integrated with a dynamic black projector technology that delivers increased depth with the help of a soothing lamp to illuminate and render a high contrast ratio.

Additionally, Optoma supports 3D content and is compatible with 3D Bluray players, 3D broadcasting and a variety of gaming consoles. It also serves entertainment purposes. You can easily connect it with Apple TV, Chromecast, or any HDMI-supported device for a big-screen experience.

Lastly, this projector for movies is pretty easy to install. Mount it over a 40° vertical keystone correction, and it is ready to be placed wherever you like.



The JVC DLA-NX9 is a premium 4K projector, which provides a home-theatre experience with a large resolution and a clear picture for entertainment and immersive gameplay. So, what features make JVC capable enough? Let us have a look over those!

These gaming projectors are the top-of-the-line 8K e-shift home theater machine that delivers an outstanding 8192 x 4320 resolution. It is equipped with a 265W lamp that produces a high contrast ratio with increased depth and detail to render defined images and dark scenes.

Moreover, it features 2 HDMI/HDCP 2.2 ports which makes it capable of supporting 4K vivid signals with 18 Gbps of power. This projector renders diverse connectivity, featuring other output and connectors like D-sub 9 pin, LAN port, a mini-jack with a 3D sync pin.

JVC DLA-NX9 is equipped with a glass-made premium lens. It possesses a diameter of 100mm that delivers a wide and clear screen space with a good throw ratio. Its pixel technology features a processor that accurately reproduces pretty realistic content.

However, its dynamic contrast ratio with high brightness of 2200 lumens helps in producing spectacular and vibrant imagery. This 4K projector is compatible with HDR technology that drastically improves the picture quality that brings it closer to real life. However, its auto-tone mapping automatically optimizes the quality.

Interestingly, its auto-calibration mode functions with an optical sensor that optimizes images with adjustments in color balance, color space, color tracking, color depth and gamma characteristics.

Surprisingly, its wireless transmission option for 3D viewing allows hundreds of hours of continuous operation with 3D glasses and a synchro emitter. Its low latency mode offers a quick response in gaming while connected to a PC or a gaming console for a better gaming experience.



Do you desire a clear, colorful and bright display that could reach up to 300 inches in size? You can fulfill your desire with this Optoma HD243X home theatre projector. It is the perfect blend of functionalities at an adequate price tag.

Optoma HD243X projector is ideal for watching movies and games with a lag-free experience. It delivers high performance and features some cool specifications. Let’s have a look over them in some detail.

This projector offers a cinematic screen size with perfect clarity and sharpness. Its 1080p HD native resolution makes it optimal for high-quality gaming and watching movies with an enhanced viewing experience.

This equipment features an ANSI lamp that delivers sharp contrast with a balanced color spectrum and HDTV compatibility. Moreover, it features a picture alignment technology that delivers perfect image alignment along with high brightness for ultimate video quality.

It provides a home theatre experience with the help of powerful built-in 10w speakers and produces a clear and powerful sound, thus reducing the need for external speakers.

Surprisingly, Optoma’s lamp has lifelong durability. It guarantees up to 10,000 hours of useful life which equals approximately 10+ years. Additionally, Optoma can display 3D content and is compatible with any 3D source like Bluray players, broadcasting and a variety of gaming consoles.

This gaming projector processes images automatically depending upon the lamp output. It creates frames and adjusts brightness to deliver a clear and sharp picture for a great experience. It also serves external entertainment purposes. You can easily connect it with Apple TV, Chromecast, or any HDMI-supported device.

Lastly, it is pretty easy to install. All you have to do is to mount it over a 40° vertical keystone correction, and it is ready to be placed anywhere.



Cerenova offers diversity with incredible image quality and an intuitive design. It is a one-stop solution for individuals seeking a home theatre projector at a reasonably low price. Cerenova mini projector has a lot to offer, so let us take a look over its offerings.

Cerenova mini projector delivers a big-screen picture with a cinematic experience. Its square pixel technology provides a theatrical experience and a projection size varying from 28-180 inches. Its 1080p high-resolution video makes it ideal for the home entertainment system. One can watch sports, and movies along with play games over large screen size.

Moreover, it is equipped with a six-layered, wide-angle lens which enhances projection transmission and does not allow deviation of external lights to interfere. This projector includes a built-in speaker that produces adequate sound and excellent sound quality. It also offers surround sound without external speakers.

Talking about diversity, this gaming projector connects with various devices such as desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone for full-screen size projection anywhere with a power source.

It is compatible with Mac and Windows PC along with Samsung and Google devices which are equipped with an HDMI port or a display port. However, in case you don’t have HDMI-supported devices, SD, USB and MHL connectivity channels can cater to your hardware with ease.

Cerenova delivers a quiet operation with its enhanced cooling system. Its cooling fans system is designed to run smoothly at an incredible speed but functions silently to avoid disruptions. The lamp renders high durability and guarantees up to 50,000 hours of useful life.

It is pretty easy to install. Mount it over a vertical keystone and adjust it at the desired angle to ensure a convenient display. Lastly, it offers a 1-year warranty with a free refund or replacement. So, in case of any trouble, you can contact the manufacturer for any technical support.



LG is a renowned electronic brand that offers innovation, packed with advanced technology on the market. This gaming projector is instilled with useful functionalities which aid the user in its application. So let’s have a look over its features.

LG HF65LA is remarkably compact and portable in design with an attractive appearance when placed over a shelf. It is an ultra-short throw projector that delivers vivid images within a short distance. Moreover, if you move it further backward, it can illuminate a screen size of up to 100 inches, thus providing you with an enhanced cinematic experience.

This gaming projector offers a detailed picture quality with perfect clarity and sharpness. Its 1080p HD resolution makes it optimal for high-quality gaming and watching movies with an enjoyable experience.

It features an illuminating lamp with precise and crisp video quality with a large screen size and delivers a seamless and lag-free experience. Optoma’s lamp renders lifelong durability and guarantees up to 30,000 hours of useful life.

Its four directional keystone technology enables auto as well as manual adjustments. You can simply adjust all four corners of the image for a perfectly aligned image.

Interestingly, it features screen sharing via WiFi connectivity to connect with Windows or Android smartphones to deliver high-quality content from streaming sites like Youtube, Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Moreover, it includes HDMI support and easily connects with consoles, Bluray players and other computing devices. This gaming projector includes Bluetooth to wirelessly stream sound to an external home theatre system for an ultimate enjoyment experience.

Lastly, it is pretty simple to use. Place it over a flat surface, a few inches from the wall and connect it to your streaming source and external speakers to enjoy quality time.



BenQ is a brand based in Taiwan. It produces top-notch projection equipment globally with a blend of innovation and up-to-date technology. BenQ HT2150ST is among their top-selling projectors. So why not have a look over its features?

BenQ HT2150ST is an ultimate versatile machine that offers 1080p HD image quality. Its HDR mode produces sharp and crisp images that deliver a realistic gaming experience and features a 2200 ANSI illuminating lamp that delivers a seamless and lag-free experience.

It also includes a 6 x RGB color wheel and an integrated DLP technology. Digital light processing delivers clear images with a chip made of microscopic mirrors and works simultaneously with an RGB wheel.

However, its built-in gaming option tunes all images while enhancing shadows and details with visual precision. Interestingly, it offers a fast response time and response rate of 16ms for an ultra-smooth gaming experience without any input lag.

Its short-throw projections have a length of 100 inches from just 3 feet of distance for an immersive home theatre experience on the projection screen. However, it can project up to 300 inches.

This gaming projector features a certified visual calibration that ensures optimal color and image performance. Additionally, it offers a flexible setup with the use of a vertical keystone correction and a 1.2x zoom.

Lastly, a 3-year limited parts and labor coverage makes your purchase a safe one. So, in case of any trouble, you can contact them right away.



BenQ TK800M is a versatile device that simplifies your home theatre needs and offers a dynamic solution with superior color accuracy and ambient light. It renders an immersive theatrical experience in your home or living space. So, let’s view the details of this projector.

BenQ TK800M features a simple and convenient design which makes it lightweight and compact. It provides an aesthetic appeal to the viewer with its amazing benefits. It delivers a UHD 4K display with a high projector resolution.

Moreover, this gaming projector is equipped with DLD technology with a 4K HD optimized lens array that delivers seamless images to satisfy your viewing experience. It is equipped with a supercharged HDR10 chipset that offers greater brightness, contrast range and image optimization for an immersive gaming experience.

However, its sports mode offers a dedicated picture and sound quality that provides a mesmerizing display. Additionally, this projector features other audio quality modes, including cinema, sports, gaming, or music.

It features a built-in five (5) watts powerful speaker that elevates your enjoyment levels during a competitive game or a match. Moreover, the projector is equipped with 3 000 lumens bulbs that produces a high contrast ratio with increased depth and detail.

Lastly, its smart eco and lamp-saving modes increase the lamp’s lifespan up to 15,000 hours. It result in reducing bulb replacements.



Epson home cinema 5050UB is a treat for projector enthusiasts in the hustle to convert their living room into a gaming arena. It features several functionalities with excellent results that make it pretty productive. So let us take a look at its features.

Epson 5 050UB delivers a 4K UHD display with a high resolution of 3840×21 60 that produces a clear and sharp image with enhanced details. It is equipped with 3LCD technology that displays an RGB color signal for every frame.

Moreover, This home theater has advanced pixel-shifting technology that efficiently controls all 3 chips to deliver an exceptionally sharp 4K UHD experience. It is equipped with a supercharged HDR10 chipset that offers brightness, contrast range and image optimization for an immersive entertainment and gaming experience.

The Epson home cinema possesses a fast refresh rate of 12 bit for a smooth transition and reduces lagging for a refined image. This gaming projector has a dynamic contrast ratio and aspect ratio with high brightness with a lumen count of 2200. It produces spectacular and vibrant imagery.

Interestingly, its 1.1x zoom feature allows quick mounting and placement options and entails ultra black technology that creates a filter for ambient light polarization. It also features an adjustment that fine-tunes performance with a 16 step control procedure.

Lastly, this Epson home cinema is compatible with Hemi 2.0 and supports 4K at 60 Hertz. It enables exceptional compatibility with the latest content and allows you to enjoy immersive, following-generation gaming hardware.



EUG X88+ is a high-resolution multimedia projector with immense capabilities to convert the living room into a theatre. It can display ivideos, games and sporty events while providing the best home-oriented experience. Let us have a look at its features in-depth.

This machine offers a cinematic display quality with perfect clarity and sharpness. Its 1080p resolution makes it optimal for gaming and watching a movie and playing games with an enhanced experience. This projector features a 4600-lumen count lamp with crisp pictures and delivers seamless viewing without lag. Surprisingly, it guarantees up to 50,000 hours of overall lamp life with its square pixel technology.

It is equipped with a number of options for connectivity featuring 2 HDMI ports, a TV tuner, 2 USB slots and a VGA port. Apart from that, it also includes digital processors to produce clear and vivid images via HDMI for several devices like consoles, Blu-ray players and others.

EUG gaming projector features rich interfaces and supports ceiling-mounted projection along with zooming features that make it convenient to reduce image size. It comes with a 15 degrees key stone correction with an image flip function that lets you manually focus and adjust the image conveniently. This appliance is compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices.

Lastly, this versatile machine can project from 50 inches to a whopping 200 inches of the projection screen with good colors and can be used as a home theater projector for multiple viewers including family or friends.



Samsung LSP7T is a miniature among the premier series. It is a short-throw projector with enhanced video quality that you could replace your television screen with. So what makes it good enough? Let us take a look over its specs.

Samsung LSP7T projector is integrated with intelligent laser technology and 4K HD resolution that produces cinematic quality to enhance your theatre experience. It features a 2 200 lumens lamp with a crisp high-quality image and delivers a lag-free experience for uninterrupted viewing.

Moreover, it is compact in design with an aesthetic appearance that makes it ideal to be placed over a table. However, its ultra-short throw technology delivers a high-quality image when placed near the wall.

These gaming projectors feature a built-in smart TV integrated with multiple applications with simple controls. It can also serve as an alternative to conventional TV. Additionally, its 2.2 channel sound system elevates your gaming experience. The powerful subwoofer of this audio system, along with 30W speakers, produces adequate audio, eliminating the need for external speakers.

Surprisingly, it is powered by Google Assistant, Alexa and Bixby Voice Assistants that enable projector with your voice. The 4K projector for gaming possesses an intelligent game enhancer that automatically adjusts screen settings and optimizes performances with 4K quality and good colors.

Lastly, it is operated by a slim remote that controls the projector as well as all compatible devices for your convenience.




Optoma HD142X high-performance projector is our number one pick in this category. It is an ideal projector for an immersive gaming experience. It offers you a cinematic picture quality with enhanced sharpness and clarity.

It comes with a refresh rate of 120 Hz for a lag-free experience. Its built-in gaming mode generates a quick refresh rate that allows uninterrupted viewing at high resolution. Moreover, it precisely adjusts dark scenes to deliver a detailed image and also supports 3 D gaming. Its countless features make it the number one recommendation for gaming projectors.

Yes. Projectors are pretty good enough for gaming. Projectors offer high resolution, sharp and bright images along with steady performance. These vary from 1080p to UHD 4K with variable refresh rates for your customized gaming needs. They can be connected to various gaming consoles which include Xbox One X, PS4 Pro and others.

Definitely. It depends upon the connectivity options that the projector features. If it is equipped with an HDMI input, you can play your favorite games by simply connecting your next-generation consoles like Playstation or Xbox to your projector. It provides immersive high-resolution big-screen sizes with a good AV experience.

It basically depends upon your gaming preferences. If you want to play games over a small projection screen, then you should undoubtedly go for a TV.

A projector with high brightness can offer you an enhanced gaming experience. Moreover, projectors are also cost-effective compared to the latest 4K TVs.

DLP projectors can be used for gaming as it offers better responsiveness than LC Display. It provides a quick response wherein it can refresh the image to 120 Hz.

DLP projectors provide the best response time with lesser color artifacts and have an advantage over other projectors.

Connecting a projector is simple if you have an HDMI port is available on your PC or video game systems like Sony Playstation. Just connect your video game console or computer to the projector by using an HDMI cable.

For this, you need to use two projectors or one projector and one gaming monitor or computer monitor for your gaming room, media room, or home theater. This is called multi-screen gaming and it allows you to have a seamless display with a good throw ratio like the cinema hall with ambient lighting. However, these configurations come at a higher price point.

For this, you must have the right projector setup for your setup. With the right projector and proper C mount filters, you can use projectors for video gaming. It is very simple to install and it provides a high-quality image.

Some of the best projectors for gaming include BenQ TK-800M, Crenova XPE496 and Optoma HD243X.


So, these were our top picks for the best gaming projectors. The projectors in this article are listed after a brief study and will probably aid you in purchasing them for your gaming preferences.

It’s your take now!